ADR Services

Alternative dispute resolution can be used to resolve disputes in a timely, affordable, and private manner as opposed to going through an extensive legal process. As both an arbitrator and mediator, I have been instrumental in resolving highly complex and significant financial, commercial, and civil disputes, frequently with millions of dollars at stake. As a Mediator I make every effort to learn about both sides as well as the nature of the dispute. This information allows me to assist the parties to craft a solution which puts them in a position to move ahead with their personal and commercial interests. 

My specific areas of mediation experience are in the following areas:
  • Commercial

  • EEO

  • Employment Law

  • Human Resource controversies including Fair Standards Labor Act issues.

If selected by both sides, to serve as a Mediator I pledge to act in a thoughtful, professional and most important adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct. I strive to bring the controversy to a successful conclusion thereby permitting both sides to move ahead with their lives and personal and professional interests. To learn more about working with me to quickly and efficiently resolve those perplexing legal dispute, please reach out to me via the contact page.